After Shave Serum

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Aftershave is used exactly what the name says – to treat your skin after you shaved.
The benefits of aftershave depend on exactly what is in it. But traditional alcohol-based astringent aftershave has acted like a sanitizer for the face after shaving facial hair.

Here’s why when you shave, you often leave behind many tiny cuts and exposed bits of epidermis (skin) and pores that are more likely to get bacteria or other material lodged inside. Typical aftershave contains alcohol that kills bacteria or toxins on your face after a shave. This is why alcohol-based aftershave infamously stings when you put it on your face – its antibacterial.

But they can be more damaging to your skin then beneficial when used over time.
Formulated with ingredients such as aloe vera extract, sea kelp extract, moringa oil AND it is ALCOHOL FREE.
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