Dog Carrier

Sale priceRp 700.000 IDR

A bag to carry your dog the safe way:
Finally you can get rid of that Pepito Bag and repurpose the Bali Buda bag: Your pup has a safe place on your motorbike from now on. 
Either your dog is too scared to sit on the bike, or you ride a non-dog-friendly NMAX, orrr your bike is already stacked with three other dogs, this carrier will solve your problems. 

It's pretty sturdy and comes with various little pockets for parking money, the leash, poop bags and your keys. 
And hey: You'll also look pretty cool with the tennis-style duffle bag.

How to choose the right size:
Size S = for Puppies and very small dogs (Dachshound, PomChi, Chihuaua, Toy Poodle)
Size M = for small dogs (small Bali Dog, Beagle, same size like Kali)
Size L = for midsize dogs (Bali Dog)

Size: Medium
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