Sumba Set -Nude

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Plunge into the summer with our Sumba two piece, featuring a handmade crochet pattern, strappy sexy top and open thigh high side slit skirt, adding a touch of hotness to your summer wardrobe. 


Sustainable, Slow Fashion. All of our fabrics and packaging are sustainably made in Bali using soy inks and no plastic, to help save the planet in style.


How To Wash Crochet

Follow these steps

1. Fill a washing vessel with cold water, add the detergent. Mix well, gently swish the crochet into the solution, don't wring or scrub. gently squeeze the garment to push the soapy water through the fibers

2. Rinse the item
Drain the soapy liquid, add fresh cold water for rinsing. repeat this process until the water is clean.

3. Remove dirty water
Take your garment out, squeeze it over the basin to remove excess water. use a dry towel roll it up in the towel, firmly pressing as you go to absorb the liquid

4. Lay flat to dry
Transfer the item to a dry towel on a flat surface and turn over to allow even drying

5. Reshape the item
Re-form and adjust the piece until it returns to its original shape , no tugging or pulling.

6. Dry the item
Allow the item to dry for 24 hours. if still damp flip the piece over onto a new towel and shape once again

7. Treating stains on crochet
Most stains can be removed by treating the area with a dab of heavy duty detergent. work the detergent into the yarn with your fingers, allow it to sit for 15 minutes before

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