Sun and Moon

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Unique mala created in rule of golden ration with 

Antique Sun, Moon and stars pendant 

Citrine - joy, abundance, wealth, success, prosperity, happiness, vitality,  release fears, Enhance intuition 

White quartz - heals emotional trauma, clarity, wisdom, energy amplifier

Clearquartz - master healer and cleanser, clarity, creative manifestation 

Rainbow moonstone - protection, harmony, intuition, balance, growth, feminine power 

Golden healer quartz - connect with source energy, release outworn patterns, creativity 

Yellow Labradorite - direction, creativity, manifestation, personal power, clarity, confidence, courage 

Peach Moonstone - sensuality, passion, divine feminine, self-worth, self-expression 

Sunstone - Joy, empowerment, vitality, brightens our mood, to allow your true self to shine 

Garnet - devotion, passion, attracts love, courage, cleansing, re-energize, Kundalini activation 

Rudrakaha - spiritual guidance, protection, infinite knowledge 

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