Underwater Action Camera

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Underwater Action Camera

Product Overview:

Dive deep into the breathtaking waters of Bali with our state-of-the-art Underwater Action Camera! Crafted specifically for the vibrant marine life and captivating seascapes of Bali, this camera is every diver's and adventurer's dream come true. Capture the mystique in Bali's underwater world in stunning clarity and color.

Amazing for Surfing, Snorkelling and Diving. Capture your in-action moments and share effortlessly with friends & Family.

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Key Features:

  1. Crystal Clear Resolution: With 1080p ultra HD video recording relive your underwater adventures in vibrant detail and color.

  2. Depths Untouched: Designed to function flawlessly up to 30 meters underwater, letting you explore even the deepest dive spots in Bali.

  3. Bali Optimized Color Profiles: Built-in color correction profiles specifically tailored for Bali's waters, ensuring your footage always reflects the true beauty of the underwater world.

  4. Wide-Angle Lens: The 140° wide-angle lens ensures you won't miss a moment, capturing expansive coral reefs, schools of fish, and the majestic manta rays of Bali in one frame.

  5. Anti-Fog & Anti-Leak Design: Say goodbye to blurred or compromised footage. Our innovative design ensures your lens remains clear and the camera dry, no matter how long you stay submerged.

  6. Wi-Fi & Mobile App Connectivity: Instantly transfer, edit, and share your experiences with the world using our intuitive mobile app. Compatible with both Android and iOS.

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