Ice Bath & Hot Tub Combo

Sale priceRp 55.000.000 IDR

If you're located in Bali, you have the option to rent one of these facilities on a monthly basis as well! Both the ice bath and hot tub are equipped with a temperature control system, eliminating the need to constantly purchase ice for your cold water immersion experience.

If you prefer the relaxing benefits of a hot tub, simply adjust the temperature to a comfortable 38-40 degrees Celsius and bask in the warmth.

The water temperature can be set anywhere between a chilly 3 degrees Celsius (

37.4 degrees Fahrenheit) to a toasty 42 degrees Celsius (

107.6 degrees Fahrenheit).

Furthermore, our system includes an integrated ozone therapy feature, which infuses oxygen into the water to promote better oxygenated blood circulation throughout your body.

The ice bath & hot tub combo comes with a Smart App so you can control the temperature of the water from your phone.

You do not have to worry about installation as we offer a free installation service for customers in Bali.

For rental 4,000,000 per month

For purchase: 55,000,000

Rental conditions:
Due to the high value of the product we require a 10mil deposit, a signed rental agreement and copy of passport and kitas.

Size (132cm*70cm*62cm)

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