Inflatable Ice Bath

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Experience quick and refreshing recovery after intense workouts or physical activities with our Inflatable Ice Bath in Bali! Specifically designed to accelerate muscle recovery and reduce inflammation, this ice bath method is popular among professional athletes.

Made from high-quality materials with high durability and large volume.

Bath Tub Size:
→ 75 x 75 cm

Box Contents:
→ Bath Tub x1
→ Plastic Bracket x6
→ Hand Pump x1
→ Thermometer x1
→ Faucet (Tap) + Ring x1
→ Duffel Bag x1
→ Drain Pipe x1
→ Cushion x1
→ User Manual x1

Box Size:
→ Length: 69 cm
→ Width: 34 cm
→ Height: 11 cm

→ Maximum Capacity: 200L
→ Recommended Water: 100L → 150L depending on weight & height
→ Recommended Ice: 20kg → 40kg

Recommended Temperature:
→ 11℃ to 15℃

Key Features:

→ Portable and Easy to Use: Designed for ease of use. Lightweight and portable, this product can be easily moved and used anywhere.
→ High-Quality Materials: Made from durable and high-quality materials, this ice bath is designed for your safety and comfort. Sturdy design ensures stability and durability during use.
→ Sufficient Capacity: Despite being portable, this ice bath has enough capacity to hold sufficient ice water for effective recovery processes.
→ Comprehensive User Guide: Includes a comprehensive user guide to ensure safe and optimal use. Step-by-step guidance will help you fully utilize the benefits of ice bath recovery.

Color: Black
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