100% Mulberry Silk Pillow Case Set

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Bali Bliss Silk Pillowcase Set

Experience the Luxe Touch of Tropical Serenity

Introducing the Bali Bliss Silk Pillowcase Set, thoughtfully curated for the island's natural inhabitants and travelers alike. Nestled within the heart of Bali, where humidity can play tricks on your hair, our silk ensemble is designed to provide an opulent solution for those seeking smooth, frizz-free mornings. Made from 100% Mulberry Silk.

Set Includes:

1. Silk Pillowcase: Our pillowcase is crafted from the finest silk. Not only does it feel like a cool embrace against the skin, but its natural properties minimize friction, reducing hair breakage and ensuring you wake up with smoother, more lustrous locks.

2. Silk Eye Mask: Drift into a tranquil sleep with our gentle eye mask. Made with the same quality silk, it helps retain skin's moisture, reduce puffiness, and block out the playful Balinese sunrise, ensuring you wake up rejuvenated.

3. Silk Hair Tie: Complement your nightly routine with our delicate hair tie. Designed to avoid hair creases and breakages, it holds your tresses gently while maintaining their natural sheen.


- Frizz Control: The natural properties of silk reduce friction against your hair, preventing the dreaded frizz and tangles, typical of tropical climates.
- Temperature Regulating: Silk naturally regulates temperature, keeping you cool amidst the Bali warmth.
- Skin Friendly: Say goodbye to sleep creases! Silk's smooth texture is kind to your skin, reducing the appearance of lines over time.
- Natural and Hypoallergenic: Perfect for those with sensitive skin and allergies. 

Recommended For:
Residents and visitors of Bali who want to combat the effects of humidity on hair and skin. Whether you’re a traveler, a digital nomad, or a local embracing the Balinese spirit, this set will ensure you rise with radiance.

Care Instructions:
Gently hand wash with mild detergent. Lay flat to dry away from direct sunlight.

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